Jobs growth figure higher than expected

Jobs growth figure higher than expected

While labour market growth was flat in April, the federal government has posted a revised 3 per cent year-on-year growth rate for March. However, the rate pos여수출장안마ted by Canada’s big five manufacturing groups – those that create 50 per cent or more of the jobs created each year – hit a new low.

Canada’s biggest manufacturing companies added 29,000 jobs in April – the slowest pace since March 2013. The sector added a further 11,700 jobs in Februar슬롯 사이트y and 9,700 jobs in January.

Meanwhile, employment rose modestly in April to 3.7 million, the smallest quarterly gain since July 2012. It’s a new low since February, when the industry reported a total of 3.9 million jobs.

It’s the first time the federal government has revised the March employment figures by more than 1.5 million for more than a yea라이브 카지노r.

The sector lost 26,100 jobs in April. The sector’s overall employment rate fell 2.5 percentage points to 64.8 per cent during the month.

«The weak labour market was due to continued weakness in the U.S. dollar, and continuing weak hiring,» said CMI Economics senior economist James Roark. «These two factors must be addressed to restore the strength of the Canadian labour market to its recent peak.»

«These positive data also confirm that the sector’s recent weakness is a one-off aberration,» he said. «They could be a sign of ongoing robust labour market performance as the recovery continues to take hold.»

Samoa sinks japan in pacific five nations

Samoa sinks japan in pacific five nations

New Zealand, Australia and New Zealand are the two nations who need to add more to their football side if they are to compete with Japan in the quarter finals of the 2010 Wo창원출장안마rld Cup.

The teams will meet for the first time since New Zealand suffered a shock 1-0 defeat by Australia in the final in Johannesburg on Saturday, and a loss would be their 카지노first in the four-team qualifying stage of the tournament, which will run from July 20 to July 24.

Japan won the second World Cup qualifier with a 3-0 aggregate win over South Africa on June 16. The영양출장안마 team’s performances in the three games since have been far from encouraging.

«When it comes to football, there is a big gap, we don’t have the kind of players we used to have,» Mairead McCann, Japan’s head coach, said after New Zealand played England. «It doesn’t make sense to me.

«We could play well for five games and still not achieve what we need to achieve and we’ve got to be better for them. It’s the big gap, it’s that simple, I think.»

Japan’s victory over Australia in Cape Town in May has been watched by many commentators around the world, but is likely to go down in the history books and is not exactly a surprise if the Japanese win in Auckland the next two years.

The last time New Zealand won a friendly series between the two nations was in 2009, when they defeated Brazil 2-1 at Yakuza Stadium after the reigning champions dominated in each of the four games played.

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Xi jinping arrives in singapore ahead of china taiwan meeting

Xi jinping arrives in singapore ahead of china taiwan meeting

On Friday afternoon, Chang said it was too soon to announce anything else regarding her trip, which also includes a visit우리카지노 to the state’s capital.

«I hope to spend a lot of time in Singapore and take part in some things I want to do persjarvees.comonally,» she said. «I hope to make something happen in Singapore and other parts of China.»

Chang had been traveling to Taiwan on the official invitation of the state-owned Chinese news agency Xinhua and is scheduled to fly to Singapore for an official visit on June 9 and 11.

«The main purpose is to meet the Taiwanese leaders and conduct some business activities that have not yet been announced. Our government is ready to meet any Taiwanese people and ask them to sign a letter,» she added.

Beijing’s state media has also been tight-lipped on Chia’s plans, with only the Global Times and Global Times Online reporting her visit was on. The newspaper is reported to have said this week that Chia would «meet with senior leaders and offer her support to change policy makers,» and the website Global Times Online said there is no mention of her trip at all.

The official news agency Xinhua said it had yet to confirm the news, but had previously stated it could be Chia’s last trip, which it had dubbed her «Grandpa Chang.»

For a country whose people have long used their political power to influence events in China, timing of Chang’s arrival may raise some eyebrows.

Chang has come under fire for her ties to a small South Korean city — the city where she was educated in the 1960s and was the wife of a Korean-American diplomat. She has been criticized for supporting the re-establishment of military and political ties with the region, and later served as the head of South Korea’s military.

Chang has also been under fire for her close ties to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. She met with her and Tsai on Sept. 26 in a first-ever phone call after a violent pro-democracy rally in Taiwan, which turned violent.

«At the time of our meeting, the US administration and the Chinese government had a lot of concerns and a lot of tension in their relations over Taiwan,» the government said after Tsai called her. «The US President had the need to reassure her that we are taking measures to increase our cooperation in the security arena to be sure they [US and Chinese authorities] will not suffer any further pressur