Fears dengue outbreak could spread to US

Fears dengue outbreak could spread to US

A Texas mosquito control company that has contracted the disease from a bat is seeking to put in place a costly barrier so it cannot spread to Americans.

The company said on Friday the bat it has collected from a house near Dall우리 카지노as on Monday is healthy and will likely carry the virus to the United States.

The company did not know of any case of dengue in the United States, but it said a bat found in San Diego last week contained dengue and might be the same one that carried the disease to Texas. Both bat houses in Texas were uninfected, said spokesman Chris Tovar.

«If that bat came down from there… you know dengue is going to get around,» Tovar said.

Texas Department of State HeCDC 철도청 카지노alth Services spokeswoman Jill Anderson says the company has confirmed there’s no evidence of mosquitoes infected by the bat being carried to the United States.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday ordered the Department of Public Health to create a six-figure contingency plan to control mosquitos and ensure public health officials don’t spread the virus to people in Texas.

This is the second Texas health authority to consider ways to ward off dengue because of it spreading to the United States.

Texas officials are f넷마블 바카라acing the threat as they try to prevent future cases in the state, where residents are already suffering from dengue fever.

The health department said Friday the state is on track to control dengue virus transmission to all of its counties by the end of 2017.

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Chinese president offers ardern condolences over’sorrowful day’카지노 in Japan Read more

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