Albany approves wind farm expansion plan

Albany approves wind farm expansion plan

Aldermen approved an expansion of an existing wind farm near Buffalo in Albany on Tuesday, and the project would be among the first in the State of New York.

In November, officials for the city said they were close to finalizing plans for a wind farm on the shores of the Albany River. That project would build on a wind farm at the Albany airport to feed turbines on the Albany-Cape Cod Windmill a시흥출장샵 시흥안마nd could add up to 60 miles of transmission line along the coast and beyond.

However, under Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest budget, the여주안마 여주출장안마 State Department of Environmental Conservation said the Windfarm project would still be allowed in the state and that it was too early to set any environmental impact assessments or permit the project to proceed, although Cuomo said he would give the project one more chance to prove itself.

«We want to make sure that the city is doing the right thing with its wind farm,» said City Councilman Scott O’Halloran.

The mayor said the expansion would help get his district, which includes the area now called the Tappan Zee, off the grid to help curb greenhouse gas emissions.

«The city would have been better served if it had just said, ‘we’re going to buy your rights in the area and we’re going to go build a new wind farm here,’ » he said.

In addition, the expansion project would be significant because it would also provide wind power to a community that has been without electricity for decades, O’Halloran said.

«At this point, it’s too early for us to talk about how long that [expansion] will take,» he said. «So we need to go get the money, get a contract.»

The Albany-Cape Cod Windmill currently delivers around 1.8 megawatts of wind power to the airport and would make the state the fourth state in New York to get up to 1,500 megawatts of wind power from a wind project under construction.

Wind turbine is seen at Buffalo-Albany International Airport on Oct. 16. The facility, which could offer about 30 to 45 new jobs, is also set to get new energy supply at its current location on Port Jefferson Island in Albany, a move that could help offset environmental concerns about pollution. (Michael P. Farrell/Staff Photographer)

The county is trying to get more than 200 wind turbines built o용인출장마사지n shoreline conservation land, while more than 40 turbines are needed at Cap

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